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“Painting comes from the place where words can no longer be expressed.”

Gao Xingjian/ From Soul Mountain



The next exhibitions :  

* Selection of the Salon of the National Society of Fine Arts, Paris, France

* MAMAG Modern Art Museum Vienne, Austria

Senlis Sacred Art Festival, Senlis, France 

* Contemporary Art Fair, Lausanne, Switzerland

* Galerie Angle d'Art, St Blaise Neuchâtel, Switzerland

* Galerie Vis'Art, Lyon, France

* Ndf Gallery, Fribourg , Switzerland 

* Concept Store Gallery, Paris et La Baule, France

* Galerie 2023, Lons-Le-Saunier, France

* Galerie Thuillier, Paris, France


A word from the Artist: the perception of impermanence, from the matter to the light, until it glares like a serene dissolution.

 “The substance of objects, in the light, gradually loses its materiality. Light slowly becomes dominant over the form that remains present, but the matter soon dissolves or fades into the light. The dialogue between colour and transparency, fluidity and movement, matter and opacity is a way to tell a story by transfiguring reality through the play of light vibrations that stimulate spatial tensions.

Attentive to the passage of time, to the subtle modulations of light, I am particularly interested in translating transient and impalpable natural phenomena. The subjects represented are then only suggested, “accidents” or “fragments”, although always in symbolic correlation, and will continue to materialize memories and feelings, passages, a balance between emptiness and fullness, the yin and the yang, to create a dynamic that is that of impermanence but also that of resilience, my cathartic quest. Light guides me in my quest for harmony and balance. My painting gently glides from the material to the light until it dazzles." — Dominique Meunier.


"Dominique Meunier’s work is characterized by its voids and realistic silences. As the perfect balance of yin and yang, his paintings also have filled forms and embracing curves. His work should be read as a genuine elegy to nature’s beauty in its most inspiring and soothing form. His production process is complex and lengthy. As a philosopher, he does not let his work become static; he gives the opportunity for a second print birth which, by mending torments, allows us to see more clearly. Dominique Meunier questions the vibrant, symbolic and bright side of nature. The peace prevailing in the poetry and the balance of his landscapes takes us, in between transience and persistence, to a meditative state. As Claude Monet in Giverny before him, Dominique Meunier has his own indoor water garden. In the idealism of a reinvented Chinese nature and the Zen atmosphere of a Japanese garden, water lilies are floating, as well as the impression of a newfound absolute ". Excerpt from the review of Sarah HEUSSAFF, French specialist in Disability Arts.


“The painter returns from an entrance into the Light, the one that comes from the real around the over-real that became the figure of Eternity. Here the fragile crossing between geological and telluric strata spreads towards the presence of the Mystery, its essential axis in the first step of the day. A miracle takes place and is renewed in the painter’s colours: this perpetual harmonic of a rebirth that is always repeated. Only one thing is to be expected from Dominique MEUNIER’s painting: its paintbrush and its colours that in their brilliance rekindle the lights upwards. The painter came out of himself, tangentially, repaint the sky for every Man in the night. In this gift of light, Dominique MEUNIER powdered the world with a wisdom as the open sky of an East where our days are born. Here comes the time for song, and praise. A painter who brings stars into the endless space of the rustles of silence, Dominique MEUNIER takes his path back, saying the absolute beauty, his voice of living light”. Excerpt from the text of Martine PIERRE-PILON, philosopher and author, painter-engraver, on the painting “My path


"The light and depth, the infinity, that Dominique Meunier wanted to represent in his painting, reminds us that we are not just a drop in the absolute, which appears and disappears, but rather, we are the entire absolute! Mankind is not lost in the universe; it returns to its normal condition and meshes with the cosmic order. Its absence here underlines its invisible presence and the depth of its soul.Dominique Meunier in this way, takes us to a dreamlike and subtle world. He introduces a tension, between the real and the imaginary, what we think we see, between the visible and the hidden, every painting can hide many things. The painter passes on to us his spiritual dimension, his profound nature, his inner path, his mental calm. The meditative state but also the reminiscence that can be painful when the currents prevail. Excerpt from the text of Christine Ramoni, daughter of the Swiss painter and glass maker Bodjol on the painting «Ocean»